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Geoff Matthews
Apr 02, 2020
In General Discussions
Although a slightly reduced number of entries it was nice to see a wide range of ideas being submitted and good too be able to read the judges notes (I often forget what they have said after about 5 mins) Well done everyone - clever thinking with the spoons Tony.
Geoff Matthews
Sep 03, 2019
In General Discussions
Tommy asked last night about training for more experienced photographers. I would think there is an interest in sharing more information/discussing techniques for all skill levels. Certainly I would like to understand lightroom (I like photoshop but never used lightroom) i suppose it would be interesting to try and find out what areas the experienced members feel they would like to develop then see if we have the ability to deliver this type of training within the club. So what areas would you all like to develop in.

Geoff Matthews

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