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Club Inception and History

Moray Camera Club was started in 1946 by the late Dr. G. A. Esson, a local GP. Alistair Grant of Moravian Press, Andrew Dawson Optician, John Wright Architect, Charles McKee PO Engineer, Douglas Stronach Clothier, Bobby Morrison Chemist, Hugh Wahituck Photographer, Steven Young Northern Scot, Willie Gillan Schoolmaster, Tucker and Eddie Mackenzie Dental Mechanics, Boy Wood Precision Engineer, Mr Coates Photographer, Sandy Fraser Chemist, Dan Baillie Builder, and others.

It was then known as the Moray Photographic Society. They gathered to share knowledge of the developing process of photographs and the skills of taking good photos.


At first, they met in the cellar of Abbotsrood, Institution Road, which was then Dr Esson’s home. The Club then moved to the unused Photographic Studio in Institution Road. Later, there was a further relocation to the basement of Lesmurdie House. The last move before the present home at the Elgin Library, was to Grant Lodge, before a fire destroyed so much there.


At first almost all photos were black and white, but colour was starting to become popular. Members developed their own work and shared the club dark room.

The name was changed to Moray Camera Club and it continues to keep up to date with all aspects of photography with most members having progressed to the digital media.

Once more, members are processing their own images and sharing their knowledge with others. We meet at Elgin High Church on Monday evenings and enjoy the wide variety of visiting speakers, competitions and tutorials.

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