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To all members

                       MORAY CAMERA CLUB AGM MONDAY 19 April 2021


            Invitations are extended to the club membership for volunteers to join the

Committee of  The Moray Camera Club for the next season. At present, 3 Committee members,  Rae Munro, John Macgegor, and Helen Matthews are standing down, Additionally, John has agreed to continue organising external competitions, and the projected image competitions for the club.

Any member interested in becoming a Committee member is requested to make their interest known to the secretary ( Maggie ) as soon as possible.

Trophies / Certificates 2019-20 Season

           Most of the trophies are in foe engraving now that the engraver is back to work, but for this year these will not be going out to the winners. In line with Government guidlines regarding such matters they will be kept on hold and sanitised prior to being awarded next year.

Membership Fees

            As we have not had this year's AGM the membership fee will remian the same, but assuming we a start in January it will be charged at half price to cover the four months.

2020 AGM

         This has been cancelled until April 2021 with all motions carried forward to the new date in 2021.

Annual Exhibition

        The club exhibition for 2020 has been cancelled. We hope to run an exhibition prior to the start of the club season in the summer of 2021.

Moray CC Committee

       At this point all of the Committee have agreed to stay in position, certainly till 2021 AGM. Two members ie, myself John Macgregor and Rae Munro were coming off, but have agreed to stay on until the next AGM, in the meantime Tony Winfield has agreed to take over as Interim President of the club and I would like to thank Tony and wish him every success.





The next scheduled  committee meeting will be on the following dates:


       Currently, all Committee meetings are held electronically through Zoom.


at 19:30 in the Activities Room, Elgin Library .

                               Moray Camera Club Constitution

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