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1.          As a result of a request, the scores for The Creative Competition are now available on the competitions page.


2.      A reminder that MONDAY 6 April is the hand in for the final competition of the season which is the Projected Image of the Year. Entries to John as usual.


       Also on Monday 6 April, the results of the Creative Projected Image competition will be published. As there is no meeting on Monday evening, all submitted images will be displayed along with the Judge's comments. Only placed images will have Members names displayed. The results can be found on the usual web page.


 3.     The first images for The SCAVENGER HUNT can be found in the Scavenger Hunt Gallery which is on the Club Competition and Notices page drop down menu.




4.    Sources of information for photogaphic techniques, Photoshop, and general photography  can be found on the More page under Links. The Youtube references are not direct links to the Youtube pages, but the pages can be found by going into Youtube, and entering the page you require in the search bar. PHLEARN is really, really good for photoshop tutorials.




Dear Members


a) Moray Camera Club committee took the decision last night to cease all club activities immediately until further notice. There will be no more meetings on Monday nights, the Barbecue will be cancelled, and there will be no summer outings. 


b) Our AGM will be put back till later in the year - a date will be circulated once it is safe to do so.


c) The remaining 2 competitions, Creative Image of the year and Projected Image of the Year will go ahead. Both judges are willing to mark / brief comment on the images and return those electronically. We will then circulate those to members.


d) Entries for the creative image competition should be sent as usual to John Macgregor.

                                               GRAMPIAN EYE  2020

Dear all,


The current guidance relating to Covid-19 indicates that in the coming weeks, if not months, we will see increased numbers of the population being affected and gatherings and events being further restricted.  It is against this backdrop that we, as the event organisers, have had to make the following difficult decisions regarding Grampian Eye 2020:  


Having listened to the government guidance, to avoid potentially spreading this virus further, we have cancelled the live event in Forres Town Hall on 18th April. 


The competition will still proceed with the images being judged remotely by Libby Smith. 


We will announce the winners by posting the results on Facebook and by email to the club contacts on 18th April. 


Copies of the scoresheet, and (hopefully) an audio commentary from the judge will be edited into a presentation and returned to the participating clubs after the 18th April on USB sticks. 


We will arrange for the trophies to be delivered to the winners in the following weeks once it is deemed safe to do so.


The AGM will be postponed and held at a later date when it is deemed safe to do so. 


This has not been an easy decision, but taking all of the options into consideration we believe this to be the only way to ensure that the 2020 Grampian Eye event happens in some form. We know many will be disappointed (including ourselves) but given the extent of the current public health emergency it is the best option. All tickets will be refunded and whilst we have incurred costs we will endeavour to return as much of the entry fee as possible. 


Yours faithfully

Julie Munro and George Taylor